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We offer pre-commissioning, mechanical completion checkout, commissioning, startup and initial operating activities and can provide the in-depth experience, procedures and personnel to prepare each unit to achieve a smooth startup.


We offer construction management services using consistent tools, systems and standards to safely deliver superior results even in the most challenging environments.


We build, maintain and provide comprehensive solutions for the infrastructure that delivers power, and any other services as required, to your project. We can set up what you need to get started or we can finish what it takes to be done.


We provide a comprehensive scope of oil and natural gas infrastructure services including transportation, logistics and construction. It is our goal to bring full engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services to every project lifecycle.

Where there is team work and collaboration, great things can be achieved.

VERSYS Verified Systems is committed to providing you with exceptional industrial commissioning, start up, construction, fabrication and maintenance. Everything we do at our business is with our client in mind. Our main focus is to provide customer satisfaction through our superior quality, by using only the best resources, delivering on time, and hiring the best technicians in the field.

We have everything in place to support your project. Our ability to undertake all aspects of the project from initial conception to final commissioning will ensure a professional and quality end product that you can be proud of. Call us today and lets discuss how we can help you.



VERSYS is committed to continually enhancing its services through the implementation and maintenance of Quality Management Systems and wide standards applicable in all branches and projects. We apply world-class methods and systems in all the areas where we are active. In so doing, we enhance the future development of our clients in a financially, socially and environmentally responsible way.


The quality of all projects is continuously improved, measured, evaluated and validated for effectiveness both internally and externally. We believe that the responsibility for achieving VERSYS known high standard of completion lies with every employee in the execution of their jobs and in their relationship with clients.


In conducting its business, VERSYS is inspired by and committed to upholding the principles of integrity, respect, loyalty, efficiency and transparency. The dedication and professionalism of our team reflect our values and are the decisive factor in ensuring our continuing success.


We believe that the correct use of resources is one of the most important tools for optimizing production, ensuring health and safety and minimizing environmental impact. VERSYS not only strives to fully master optimizing project resources also to integrate our knowledge seamlessly into our clients' project objectives.

Just Some of Our Services

Electrical, Instrumentation and Mechanical Commissioning/Start up

Medium Voltage Commissioning and Construction Support

Compressor Station Construction, Retrofit, Upgrade, Emission Monitoring and Control

Digital Completions as a Service

Industrial QA/QC and Inspection

Fire Protection Equipment Installations and Maintenance

Utility Scale Photovoltaic (PV) and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project completions / Solar Panel Installation

Compressor Panel Retrofits, Air/Fuel Ratio Controls, Electronic Governor and Ignition System Installations

Sample System Inspection / Commissioning / Start up

Every accomplishment
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